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it or not implement it. san diego, the city of san diego i think has probably close to 300 mills acts contracts at this point. do you know? >> i know los angeles has 500 and san diego has 1200. >> oh okay. and so i think the program does work. the program can be tailored by each city slightly, but hopefully this demonstrates that perhaps even here in san francisco property owners can benefit from the program. i also like to say that i believe the issues before the commission are slightly different than the kinds of things we have talked about so far and what people have presented because the actual recommendation for whether this should be a historic district or not, and that it meets the criteria february being a his tordistrict. >> >> are in the purview of this historic preservation commission. it has come to the planning commission to find whether the historic district has any conflicts with things like the general plan and other sustainable policies and what not, so we're not really here to talk about windows, and we're not really here to talk about exterior alterations or interior alt
this morning and eventually san diego too. this has its sight set on l.a. heading due northward and batch of heavier stuff coming up to los angeles. not moving too far inland it will be lighter amounts as we get up to san bernardino. san diego, most of it is off the coast. i think san diego you're probably going to have likely period of rain. a little slow there. a front big huge storm went up just north of juneau last night. cooling things off. this will bring changing weather pattern for the weekend. we'll linger with this trough and cause scattered showers and a lot of clouds and cooler temperatures. batch of rain this morning with that cutoff upper low that's dying off the coast. that's why we'll have the chance of rain from phoenix to l.a. today. the front to north and continues through your weekend. that okay. california the rainiest weather of the weekend is this morning. speaking of weekend forecast that will be coming right up. >>> looking forward to that. up next medical science's real life "star trek" tracker beam plus layoffs ahead for the airlines. why are the brits blowing u
direct competitors when you look at san diego, san antonio, washington d.c., chicago, these are some of our major competitors. we remain small. we know there was an expansion currently planned in san diego which would put us at a significant deficit to what they have. we though that groups, particularly in the medical field, generally comes every four years to san francisco. has told us they will not come due to size constraints. this will even the playing field. we won't be as big of them but we are san francisco we know people want to come to san francisco. our customers tell us, even though you're a little bit smaller now, we want to try to get there but the biggest concern for most of them now is space. this project will allow us to have the space and allow those folks who want to come here continue to come here or come back to san francisco. >> thank you very much for that. next speaker please. >> [singing]. do you know the moscone way of san jose. there will be a place in san jose. i'm leaving on a harvey milk airport plane. don't know when i i'll be back again. i hate to go.
. >> jane via is a catholic woman priest in san diego. >> i realized there are no clergymen who are going to stand up to this authitarian, totalitarian, patriarchal, sexist system, because they have too much invested. >> via is one the most prominent figures in the women catholic priests movement, partly that's because of her unusual background. along with having a phd in theology, via was also an assistant district attorney in san diego for over 25 years. that courtroom experience, she says, has helped her in her present conflict with the leaders of the catholic church. via says the evidence she's gathered shows women had a prominent role in the early church. >> there no are no scriptural barriers to the ordination of women, and the first 300-400 years of the early church i believe the evidence shows clearly included the ordination of women as deacons, the ordination of women as priests, and the ordination of women as bishops. >> let us pray. >> via leads a congregation in with masses held in a borrowed lutheran church. >> although worship services here aren't recognized by the local cat
? >> is there any other cities that are doing the mobile recycling? >> no, just that one. >> san diego? >> yes, just san diego and i did speak with the folks in sacramento and there is legislation that will address bottle bill -- actually once a year or couple of years that they do a bottle bill fix and adjust things and there is another bill planned for this life-threateningive session in january. so i mean the timing is right in terms of if there were some recommendations coming out of san francisco, there is a vehicle for us to talk to the folks up there. >> great. >> this convenience zone, is that unique to california? >> it is. it's very unusual. i am from the east coast and grew up with the bottle bill there and it's very different. it's very successful here and they are talking about using it as a national model. there is an effort to try to create more jobs by creating more recycling infrastructure. because many states don't have anything at all and the stuff is just thrown out all over the place if you are driving across the country. they are looking at this particular law as a
a jacket. cold front is through. you can see that line of cloud cover rushing down towards san diego and los angeles. but what's now moving in is air direct from the arctic, giving us a north flow of air. i've colored it blue for you. it's going to be cold air. this pattern stuck till about the top of next week. thursday night, friday night, saturday night, sunday night, all near or below freezing. we're going to be cold for about four or five straight days. highs tomorrow, 40's. snow level dropping to 1500 feet. overnight lows in the 20's and low 30's through the weekend. highs tomorrow, livermore, only 48. san jose, 50. you should be up near 60. sunnyvale, 51. union city, 50. 49 -- that's it -- for walnut creek. windy and cold tomorrow. scattered showers. san francisco, only 50. extended forecast, we'll improve, we'll get warmer, but only a degree or two. next week, back to the mid 50's. that's gonna have to feel warm, because that's all we're getting from mother nature for the next seven days. >> not a 60 degrees in sight. >> maybe february.
the island off the coast of southern china. she is that a naval base in san diego. the one question that everybody in washington and america has, is china militarily expanding? is there something that the u.s. needs to be concerned about? >> it dawn is breaking over the fishing ports of taiwan. the fishermen are preparing to head out to sea. they say they are facing increased threats on the waters. that is one reason china is increasing its military spending. spending istary focusing on the water. it is increasing year on year. the leaders are talking about turning china into a maritime nation. last year, the country unveiled its first aircraft carrier. it is a symbol of china's growing naval ambitions. all of this is making china's neighbors nervous. some of them are turning to washington for support. what is clear is that the south china sea will be one of the main theaters where chinese and american interests abroad up against each other. some are worried about american intentions in these waters. it does not like washington butting into what it considers its own backyard. >> we
with the bears. here is a full graphic of all the dismissals. norv turner was fired in san diego. smith out in chicago. buffalo got rid of gailey. many across the nation say good riddance to 2012. we start with a preakness for the ages. .> i'll have another here he comes. here is the wire. another would not add another title, boat he was scratched from the belmont. the squad dominated the national title game winning over their rival from maryland. michael phelps finished 2012 as the most decorated olympian of all time. the ravens offered dozens of great moments. he scored two touchdowns after losing his brother to a motorcycle accident. ray rice up the middle. the play saved the game in san diego. finally, the orioles had in 20 seconds. the 17-inning victory at fenway. adam jones hit the game-winning home run and first baseman chris davis pitched tw scoreo list innings. after that, with finished anything was possible and the orioles went on to the post season. >> that was fantastic. tony is back with the forecast, right after this break. >> if you are out for the night, you are probably out
and fortify. san diego and monterey, for the crowd of spain. the brave men made their way slowly north in an unchartered path. they reached monterey, but couldn't recognize the bay in the dense fog. with their surprise failing, they marched back to san diego, forced to eat the flesh of pack mules to stay alive. undaunted, provisions from baja, california, and promptly organized the second expedition, he retraced the steps northward along what was to become el camino royal. the rest is history, of bull pioneers meeting every failure with even greater success. the founding of the missions, sold off in more than 50 years. the displacement and the devastation of a native people, the discovery of gold, the coming of the 49ers, adventures from every continent. first, by the thousands and then by the hundreds of thousands and during the civil war, under president lincoln, the transcontinental railroad and land grant colleges founded by the university of california, oil production, movies and aircraft industry. the longest bridge in the world, grand water projects, laboratories, venture capita
upside down. it was 20 degrees colder today in san diego than it was in chicago. we have a live look tonight at the university of north dakota and grand forks. that will get your attention. there are more than 12,000 fans expected to attend a hockey game there tonight. they may have a tough time getting there because a blizzard warning is in effect. just one area where travel will be dangerous, just as we all head into the weekend. our report tonight from nbc's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: pounded by snow and sleet, this weekend, much of utah is under a winter storm warning. >> when i started shoveling, it came up to my knees. >> reporter: with another 10 inches forecasted, tracy's backyard is under 2 feet of snow. >> this is crazy. we've never seen this much snow before. >> reporter: before the morning commute was even over, more than 80 accidents brought utah to a standstill. >> be safe out there, roads are a mess. >> reporter: for truckers headed cross-country, a treacherous journey. >> just kind of slid into the side, yeah. and then some nice people were stopped and helped me. >
to sit back and reflect on it, it will be positive for our club. >>> to north of san diego, torrey pines, tiger woods back to work. started on the third round, two shot lead. second on the par 4. from 111 out. a beautiful approach. spins it back. birdie. starting the final round now, the tree in his way on the 4th. only for tiger, the tree bends out of the way. leaves it close. just off the green. and tiger would be rolling in this one as he walks and approaches this one. relatively easy. chip it in, tiger. 17 under par. leader by 6 shots with 11 holes to play tomorrow. seeking a seventh win at this event and 75th of his career. >> i played well today. overall i'm very pleased that i was able to build on my lead. as of now, i think i have a six- shot lead. that's a positive. i got to continue with executing my game plan. that's the idea. and i got 11 holes to play, and i need to go out there and play them well. >> off the wall is coming up. we're talking parenting 101 with dave ross. >> you're the one that has a kid. >> i know. >> who do you root for if your kids were coaching in the sup
san diego where authorities say that an explosion at a hotel near sea world has injured some. it happened a short time ago, the heritage inn in sea world. and it's not clear. an explosion inside of a hotel near san diego sea world. three people injured, one of them serious, and we'll have updates as they come in. >>> and the israeli military has apparently bombed targets inside of syria. state tv broke the news, and nower officials are speaking on this matter. john hunt has the update. >> they were talking about strikes, state tv said that it was a strike on a research center near damascus. and others said it was a convoy carrying weapons from syria to lebanon. that is the one that u.s. officials in lebanon are camping. a strike an truck believed to be carrying antiaircraft missiles. they are not confirming whether there was another strike near damascus. it's good to point out that want u.s. and syria are in constant communication over what to do with the chemical weapons in the last months. but barack, the out doing defense minister, made an unscheduled visit to the pentagon
to be closed due to ice and snow for the second time in three days. temperatures in san diego, los angeles and san francisco will bottom out in the 30s tonight. >> very strong dip in the jet stream has placed itself over the western part of the country and that's allowed some very cold air from canada to move southward. >> reporter: snow in new mexico made it look more like new york. that is if new york wasn't close to 50 today. in the east, many places were near record highs. in d.c. it was warm enough for shirtless beach volleyball. orlando was extra hot, even by florida standards. talk about upside down weather. on sunday, highs will be 57 in san diego, and one degree warmer in philadelphia. and flagstaff, arizona, will be exactly the same temperature as green bay, wisconsin. just 21 degrees. forecasters say more seasonal weather should return next week. already snow is being measured in feet in parts of utah. while the system that brought blizzard conditions to the dakotas is now headed east. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, los angeles. >>> we're not only seeing unusual weather, but some s
. in tahoe the snow is over for now at 39. by the time you get to los angeles and san diego the showers will be over at low-to-mid 60's. sue? >> getting word of light snow flurries over the grapevine. it is open but you may have travel delays if you are headed to southern california. north 101 in mountain view reports of an accident that is cleared off to the shoulder. no significant problems here. north 101 up the peninsula from candlestick park will be picked up, and now over to kristen and eric. >> the church for a sky diver continues in washington state who disappeared after jumping from a helicopter in a special winged suit. the 29-year-old florida man vanished over the foot hits of the cascade mountains east of seattle while wearing a special suit that allowed him to fly like a flying squirrel before deploying parachute. that would happen at 2,000 feet but his freeways never saw the chute open. trackers will try to locate him today using the cell phone signal. >> police want criminal charges filed against some of the teens who took part in a flash mob that turned violent at a shop
somewhere to go if you want the sunglasses handy for five or six days in a row, at least san diego is looking really nice this upcoming weekend with temperatures up near 70 degrees. enjoy. >> i'm jealous. sounds nice in san diego. thanks. >>> "hunger games" star jennifer lawrence doesn't think too highly of her profession. in an interview with "vanity fair," the actress said quote, not to sound rude but acting is stupid. j. law went on to say while firefighters are saving lives, quote, i'm making movies, it's stupid. >>> speaking of stupid, sales of kim kardashian's sex tape have spiked 80% since her pregnancy announcement. the recent spike is the biggest in sales since she married kris humphries. ray jay is also getting a cut of every sale. >>> pop and country singer patti page died on new year's day at the age of 85. page sold more than 100 million albums over her career which included chart toppers "how much is that dog in the window?" and "tennessee waltz." >>> news has come out that simon cowell is not happy with britney spears who wanders around aimlessly and acts like she's
covers aviation for us, he's with us from san diego tonight. tom, good evening. >> reporter: hi, brian. this actually occurred in boston today, japan airlines 787, japan airlines yesterday as well, but today they were just about to depart fully loaded with passengers when they developed some sort of a fuel leak and they lost 40 gallons right there on the ramp. they went back to the gate, fixed the problem, the plane did, in fact, leave for tokyo but we can tell you that this follows yesterday's incident also involving a japan airlines 787, that was a belly, the fire in the belly of the plane, i should say. investigators now think that's tied to an auxiliary power unit, a battery pack and there have been other emergency landings and problems with electrical systems over the last few months or so. united airlines has ordered inspections of all of its 787s. most aviation experts believe that these are problems with a high-tech plane but they could also start to undermine confidence in the 787. brian? >> tom costello on the latest problem from san diego tonight, tom, thanks. >>> now to an
in california. the first in 2007 when the container ship cosco busan hit the bridge and in 2009, in san diego, when a small coast guard vessel collided with a small boat killing a small child. considering the massive amounts of traffic moving through the bay and the ports in la, long beach and san diego, that's an enviable state record. we're -- >> we are having some technical problems with tom's report on the situation with the tanker hitting the bay bridge tower, something the coast guard continues to investigate. >>> the oakland fire department is investigating a morning house fire. it happened just before 6:00 at 1415 pampas avenue. this is video from newschopper2 to thes say everyone got out safely. >>> pg&e must adhere to a new pipeline safety regime due to the san bruno gas explosion settlement. the contra costa times reports the utility will have to calculate a minimum safe life span for pipes. so weak ones can be replaced before they become dangerous. the settlement also requires an undisclosed amount of compensation for relatives of two victims. 44-year-old jacqueline grieg and her
marlaeu and hive-fives his friend final: 5-2 sharks st. mary's san diego 1 randy bennett and the 16-4 st. mary's gaels hosting the san diego toreros 2 1st half matthew dellavedova - the nice lob to beau levesque who lays it in levesque: 20 points, 5 rebs 2nd half 3 dellavedova - another ally oop lob to brad waldow who throws it down waldow: 15 points assists final: 81-48 gaels st. mary's: 16-4, 5-1 mens hoops - cal vs. utah mike montgomery 2nd half allen crabbe 3-pointer 44-29 cal off the break big robert thurmon with the dunk inside 53-42 cal final: 62-57 cal 75-72. >> pam: goodnight, see you tomorrow.
's a precious little addition to the san diego zoo where he lives with three other giant pandas. they love giant bandas at the san diego zoo. they give them this extraordinary living environment and are obviously taking very good care of the little guy. >> that has to be one of the greatest guys. >> can you imagine? >> to get to play around with this panda cub. >>> i've got a couple of vehicles to check out. the first one from poland. guy's waiting for his bud toy come down the street to pick him up. carp's moving kind of slow. looks kind of wonky. doesn't it? >> what? >> yo what's up? >> itting loose like he wraps that car around a pole or something. the car still running, although probably a little out of line. >> is this his first car, he doesn't care about having wheels, doesn't kwhar it looks like? >> i think he just doesn't want to get rid those awesome seats. hey, buddy, i'm going to be a little late. i'll so when you i get there. >> you'll see, i'll be the one driving sideways. >> two maracas. that is not video trickery nap is actually a conjoined jeep wrangler. >> what? >> so they meld
. in the meantime, a highly decorated police officer in san diego is doing hard time for just that reason. >> two years ago i was here at hard rock hotel for some fun, and next thing you know, i was arrested by a police officer and i was molested. >> 26-year-old woman said she was stalked and molested by a uniformed police officer who preyed on young, beautiful women in san diego's popular gas lamp quarter. he pulled us over and he had asked me a lot of questions, inappropriate, and next thing you know, he put his hand down in my pants and said easy, easy, you're in good hands. he was saying that he wants me with nothing on but my heels, and he was saying that he can make all this thing go away if i just cooperate with him. >> she claims the cop brought her to a darkeneened street and positioned her behind his cruiser out of site of the police dash cam. >> you're so beautiful, you know, we can work something out. >> so he was saying we can work something out meaning looking for a sexual favor in order to let you go? >> yes. in order to not arrest me and let the dui just pass by if i just cooperat
estado acompaÑaron al policÍa en su Último adiÓs. >>> nos ponemos en su lugar dice la agente de san diego, somos como hermanos todos. >>> para todo el respeto, por toda la comunidad, por toda su familia, todos los oficiales somos como familia y venimos a ofrecer nuestros respetos. >>> su compaÑero del alma, habÓo de como era este oficial. >>> la famosa bandera que fuera publicada en una placa de acero despuÉs de que cayeron las torres gemelas estuvo en su a ataud. el agente muriÓ cuando cumplÍa con su deber, horas despuÉs declararon que el implicado en el hecho no tenÍa nada que ver con el incidente del robo. despuÉs de concluir la solemne ceremonia el cuerpo del oficial fue llevado hacia su Última morada en roswile. >>> y bueno, este lunes continÓo el programa de entrega voluntaria de armas. el programa continuarÁ tambiÉn en los prÓximos dÍas, y en el intercambio se les entregÓ vales. >>> y bueno, podrÍan haber 367 casos denunciados contra un cardenal, en casos de abuso. >>> y hay un programa que se iniciÓ en el aÑo 39 junta informaciÓn documentada por mÉdicos y con
playing piece for something shiny and new. >>> and the biggest show in san diego today is in black and white. a baby panda meets his public. i'm only in my 60's... i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement plans, it could save you thousands in out-of-pocket costs. call now to request your free decision guide. i've been with my doctor for 12 years. now i know i'll be able to stick with him. you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that accepts medicare patients. plus, there are no networks, and you never need a referral. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. >>> welcome ba
you know of any that are successful? >> there is really one real example, actually is san diego. where there was state legislation passed to allow three supermarkets to share one -- essentially one recycling center that moved for two days, two days, two days to each supermarket on a very set scheduled. so that the customers could get used to. it the state is very particular about running enough hours at certain times of the day, to be certified by the state. so a mobile option has been -- is functioning now in other parts of state. we have talked with the cal recycle staff and they are open to the situation that we have here in san francisco. they understand the density and the difficulty for real estate. so i think a mobile option is out there. >> i have a question about -- my understanding is that the state law was put into place kind of thinking more about the suburbs and places that have large supermarkets and parking lots. >> right. >> convenience zones. >> i think that is there interest in amending this for large, dense urban areas? >> i think that is what i mea
medical facility such as walter re d or bethesda or san diego or brooke army in texas or a va medical center, that time of injury to time of immediate vak was 45 to 60 days. ladies and gentlemen, today if you are a warrior and you are blown up or griefously injured, on average from the time you are grievously injured to the time you arrive in my icu in bethesda is 3 days. that capability is provided to us by on screen care with unparalleled first responder action that can save the live, tourniquet therapy, clotting agents, understanding, robust immediatevac capibility, and then a continuing continuum to germany and back to the states in the c130's, the flying icu's which the air force has, which you are safer in the air at 30,000 feet than you are in 90 percent of the icu's in this country. they do not lose patients over the atlantic. they do not lose patients over the pacific and, remember, they transport them within days, days, of them being critically injured. the patient will wake up for the first time in a hospital in the states. that is often the first time they wake up. th
with a three-set victory. >> fog in san diego cancelled the third round of the farmers insurance open attar torrey pins and did not stop lucas from have something fun with jerry kelly. tiger leads the event. won it seven times. they'll hopefully resume play tomorrow. >> this abc7 news sports report brought toow by river rock casino, later in this newscast i'll prove to you i played in superboth xvi. stick around. >> you don't have to prove it. you have the ring. >> mike: okay. >> i look forward to that. still to come once abc7 news at 11:00, new violence in egypt after 21 people are sentenced to death. >> growing concern over a new strain of flu as it spreads all over the country. >>> is apple stale? getting sta? >> good evening. i'm in for ama daetz inch tonight's headlines, a man was shot and killed in menlo park and a mother and child were hit by gunfire in east palo alto. the two incidents are not to be related. in east palo alto, police say an argument fan between occupants of two cars. >> a gun buyback program in san mateo was hugely successful. nearly 700 weapons were turn in for ca
and new. >>> and the biggest show in san diego today is in black and white. a baby panda meets his public. >>> welcome back, everybody. well, aig has had some second thoughts about suing the federal government over the bailout that saved the company. the insurance giant has decided not to join a lawsuit that claims shareholders were hurt because aig got too little taxpayer money in the deal. aig, of course, was rescued with $182 billion taxpayer, in 2008. and has paid that back. plus $23 billion in profit for the american public. >>> consumer protections are on the way to make sure homeowners can afford the mortgages they get. today, federal regulators will announce limits on interest-only loans. with stricter rules to verify borrowers' incomes. the steps take effect in a year. >>> taking effect right now for homeowners who heat with natural gas, a big price plunge. warm temps and a supply glut has sent natural gas prices down 7% in just nine days. with the trend expected to continue. about half the country's homes are heated with natural gas. >>> as tax season starts, if you feel like yo
and anchor on kpbs in san diego, california; cathy lewis is an anchor and host of her own show, "hear say," on whro in norfolk, virginia; and stan jastrzebski is news director for wfiu in bloomington, indiana. eric ander son, let's start out west with you. do the new numbers jive with what you are seeing in your area and in california? steady but not spectacular hiring? >>. >> that's exactly right. california has been tracking in that steady way. we've been seeing growth for now probably the past 18 months or so. but it hasn't been that spectacular growth. it's not that recovery growth. a lot of economists here are talking about the economy is showing good healthy signs and the job market is reflecting that. but it's not showing the kind of signs you need for the economy to recover completely. so your's not quite at a complete recovery but certainly the job market is pick up here. >> any particular sectors that you look at or point to. >> yeah, there are a couple out here, in fact. leisure and hospitality industry gained significantly. about 62,000 jobs there. construction picked up here
, police in san diego were forced to shoot a man with a gun who ran inside a movie theater. it happened yesterday afternoon. police responded to a domestic disturbance call and chased the armed suspect into the movie theater. an officer shot the suspect who survived but is in critical condition. nobody else hurt there. >>> a weapon of a different sort turned up in new york city a couple days ago. look at this. it's a revolutionary war cannon on public display in central park for more than 100 years. workers cleaning it friday realized it was loaded. it was a cannon ball in it. live gun powder. >> this is a surprise. it was there so many years. people were sitting on it when it was a loaded cannon. >> the cleaning crew called a bomb unit. in theory, it could have been fired all those years it was on public display. >>> to washington where it looks like the real thing outside the capital building, but it was missing all the key players. a dress rehearsal for next week's inaugural ceremony. here is athena jones. >> reporter: it was a busy day today. a full dress rehearsal for the big event
, and azarenka wins it. wins back-to-back australian opens with a three-set victory. >> fog in san diego cancelled the third round of the farmers insurance open attar torrey pins and did not stop lucas from have something fun with jerry kelly. tiger leads the event. won it seven times. they'll hopefully resume play tomorrow. >> this abc7 news sports report brought toow by river rock casino, later in this newscast i'll prove to you i played in superboth xvi. stick around. >> you don't have to prove it. you have the ring. >> mike: okay. >> i look forward to that. still to come once abc7 news at 11:00, new violence in egypt after 21 people are sentenced to death. >> growing concern over a new strain of flu as it spreads all over the country. >>> is apple getting stale? ♪ [ female announcer ] at yoplait, we want you to feel even better about your favorite flavors. so when you call, tweet, and post, we listen. that's why yoplait light and yoplait original are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything
instructor calls the police and the next morning 400 miles south in san diego michelle's krystine is awakened by michelle's boyfriend. >> hey, just so you know, we don't know where michelle is. have you heard from her? i tried calling her, and i thought, my gosh, what did michelle do this time. she's usually out having fun. >> she's a fun-loving person, huh? >> yeah. she was always out with her friends and getting lost sometimes. so we thought -- i -- i honestly didn't think much of it at the time. i read the message and i, like, rolled over back in bed. >> michelle, after all, could look after herself. had been looking out for krystine for years. she was just 26, but seemed somehow older than that. the eldest of a clan of 15 cousins who grew up together with very little except each other and michelle was smart and studious and attractive, the leader of this very active pack. strong, loving center of the family, a mother figure to her brother michael. michael who was the next person to get the call from the ex-boyfriend. where was michelle? >> i said, yeah, yeah. ex-boyfriend, just trying to
backer's coach johnny holland. the arizona cardinal, the san diego chargers, chicago bears, cleveland browns and the eagles. five general managers got fired. >>> no need to stay up until midnight to celebrate new year's eve. the celebration for children that avoids any potential bedtime conflict. >>> which neighborhood will be chilliest by the stroke of midnight. you can watch the newscast live on your computer, smart phone or tablet. get the app or go to well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. >>> the temperatures are d ropping, slipping back into the 40s. if you have plans, bring along a jacket to keep you warm. we have a spare-the-air day for tomorrow, i'll have detail
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